Horizontal Heat Oven
Horizontal Heat Oven

Horizontal Heat Oven

Model NO.
Horizontal Heat Oven


Working voltageAC220V
Operating frequency50-60HZ
Temperature range0℃~300℃
Heating time99.99 hours adjustable

Warming tips

1. The machine controlled by the microcomputer, the stable voltage is very important to the machine, the user must provide the voltage-stabilized source.
2. In order to guarantee the security and eliminate electrostatic disturbance, the power source plug must meet the grounding special-purpose power line.
3. Guarantee this equipment work in the peripheral environment which is clean, no dust, non-corrosiveness chemicals, not strong electromagnetic field, ventilates good. Otherwise, the excessive temperature rise may cause the machine function to reduce with the damage electric part.
4. Don’t use the power source of the identical group which the relay or electro-magnet equipment switch frequently.
5. Carries on lubrication processing for the mechanical drive spot.
6. Discover the machine working in a wrong situation, shutdown and check it, if you can’t check the question, please connect with us.

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