Automatic Glue Injection Machine
Automatic Glue Injection Machine

Automatic Glue Injection Machine

Model NO.


  1. Stable performance, reliable quality
  2. The operation is simple and convenient, high speed and accurate
  3. Chinese/English optional operation interface
  4. Single machine can be operated, the most easy to install.
  5. The three-axis automatic dispensing manipulator can operate on a single machine without any external computer, not only convenient installation, but also simple operation setting.
  6. Humanized teaching box program setting.
  7. Graphic touch screen design, users can easily complete the setting of dispensing path between fingers, easy to complete the matrix copy of various paths, offset modification, correction point setting......
  8. At the same time, it has super functions such as program transmission between each machine.
  9. Professional interpolation control system.
  10. The carefully developed control card makes F series three-axis dispensing manipulator become a real intelligent CNC three-axis dispensing equipment, suitable for SC FC LC ST E2000 MU dispensing path.
  11. (Non-standard fixtures need to be purchased separately)
  12. Suitable for automatic dispensing of ceramic inserts
  13. With needle control button on the machine, it is more convenient to debug than similar products


Scope of dispensing X/Y/Z(mm)


Maximum load Y-AXIS / Z-AXIS

8kg / 3kg

Movement speed X&Y / Z (mm/sec)

0.1~800 / 350

Ability to decompose

0.01 mm/Axis

Repeat accuracy

+/- 0.02 mm/200

Program recording mode

100 groups, 4000 points per group( Can support U disk copy)

Display mode

Touch screen

The motor system

Japanese micro step stage precision motor

Operating mode

Point to point/continuous line segment

The transmission way

Synchronous belt + precision linear guide rail

Sports tween function

3 axis (Any route in 3D space can be used)

I/O Signal

8 Inputs / 8 Outputs

External control interface


Input power

AC110/220V(Internal switching) 300W

Ambient temperature


Working environment humidity


Installation dimensions(WxDxH mm)


Machine weight( kg)


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