3D Reduction Ability Automatic Measurement Fiber Endface Interferometer
3D Reduction Ability Automatic Measurement Fiber Endface Interferometer

3D Reduction Ability Automatic Measurement Fiber Endface Interferometer

Model NO.

Automatic measurement

Fixture platform design is equipped with fixture lock induction structure, can automatically obtain the current fixture lock status, in each fixture lock software automatic measurement, greatly improve the efficiency of detection.
The front of the fixture platform is equipped with a measurement shortcut key, which can be pressed lightly to complete the measurement task.

Fixture automatic centering function

Interferometer fixture adopts a new design. After installation on the interferometer, there is no need to make any hardware adjustment. Just click the"image center"button on the software interface, and the software will automatically guide to complete the positioning of the positioning cursor.

0~12°APC Angle automatic adjustment

Fixture platform design can freely realize the wide Angle adjustment range of 0~12°, to meet the customer's test requirements for the connector special Angle;Fixture platform can provide 0.003° of adjustment accuracy, each measurement software provides Angle compensation function, so that the Angle measurement to achieve a higher precision.

Unique Chinese and English operation interface and excellent 3D restore ability

Interferometer measurement software unique Chinese and English operation interface, free conversion and other quick functions, the operation interface is intuitive;Its lifelike 3D restore ability enables users to visually judge the state of optical fiber end face, generate surface roughness diagram and vertex profile diagram at the same time, and assist engineers to improve the grinding process.Data report and chart report of each measurement can be generated automatically and randomly for data analysis and preservation.


Radius of curvature (mm)3~Flat
Vertex offset(um)0~250
Fiber optic height-1000~1000
The Angle0~12°
Measurement speed0.5s
End resolution0.29um
Volume (mm)432x344x187
The power supplyDC 24V
Data connectionUSB 2.0

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