Why don't routers and computers use fiber optics?


The speed of optical fiber network is really fast, long-distance transmission, can reach the real speed of 1000 megabytes.

So why not use optical fiber to connect the computer to the router in our home LAN?

Well, some people compare fiber-optic cable to a highway, and a home LAN to a small village. Is it necessary to build a highway in this small village?

Haha, far away.

Why not use fiber optics to organize your home LAN? There are mainly the following factors.

1. In short distance networking, optical fiber has no advantage over network cable.

In long-distance data transmission, optical fiber has obvious advantages, the speed is really very fast, can reach the true gigabit level.

However, between the computer and the router in the distance of a few meters, the speed advantage of optical fiber does not play out, even if we use optical fiber computer and router to form a small network, it can only achieve the same speed as a normal network cable.

The current super 5 twisted pair network line transmission rate theoretical value can also reach gigabit, although in practice, not up to the theoretical value, but 300 megabytes or so can be easily achieved.

And our current mainstream home optical fiber bandwidth is about 200 to 300 megabits, such speed, has exceeded the regular needs of an ordinary family.

Remember the 10M used by telecoms a few years ago?

It's more than enough for one family.

It can be seen that in the short distance networking, optical fiber has no advantage.

2. The cost of optical fiber hardware configuration is too high.

Fibre-optic cables wouldn't cost much to power our home computers up close, but the other hardware components of fibre-optic networking would be a bit more expensive.

Now that want to use fiber optic networking - between the router and computer use fiber optic line to connect, then the router generally is not line, need with special fiber exports fiber optic router (generally the light of the cat, only with optical fiber entrance), the router will not be too cheap price, is the ordinary router price several times as much.

Since it is a fiber line, then the network card interface on the computer should also provide fiber interface.

The fiber optic network card of desktop, the cheapest also wants 500 to go up.

For a laptop with a fibre-optic interface, that's even less so.

So simple rough calculation, optical fiber home networking than ordinary networking to at least 1000-2000 yuan of the cost.

Ordinary networking, twisted pair wire 5 meters is about 10 yuan, ordinary router a little better is about 200 yuan, the cost of ordinary networking is also about this point.

3. It is difficult to maintain the optical fiber networking in the later stage.

If you do use optical fiber to network the home for short distances, then the maintenance is also very painful.

Under normal circumstances, the telecommunication light cat's entrance optical fiber, we basically will not often insert dials.

The optical fiber head connected to our computer network card may need to be dialed out and inserted for some reason (e.g., moving the position, changing the network card, changing the computer).

If you do this too often, you can damage the fiber ends.

Once broken, we can not do it well, only please professional welding master to repair, the price is not cheap.

And if we are using twisted pair cable, it is broken, we only need a few tens of dollars to make the cable, you can make it.

From the above analysis, we can see that it is almost impossible for optical fiber to enter the home LAN market at present.

And the manufacturer is not in a hurry to push the fiber to set up home to home, because, the current twisted pair network has been able to meet the requirements of the LAN, speed is not worse than the fiber.