What is an MPO fiber jumper?


MPO fiber jumper is composed of MPO connector and fiber optic cable.

MPO connector is a kind of high-density multi-fiber connector, which is formed by precision mold in MT pin and applied to high-density field. The fiber type is usually OM3 multi-mode fiber or OM4 multi-mode fiber.

MPO fiber connector includes optical fiber, jacket, coupling module, metal ring, pin, dust cap, etc., and the pin part is divided into two forms: male head and female head.

The male connector has two PINS while the female connector does not.

The connections between MPO connectors are precisely aligned through the PIN PIN.

At the butt end of the connector, the spring provides a thrust to the connector and causes it to lock with the adapter.

One side of the connector body has a "key", classified as a "bump", which restricts the relative position of the connector heads, i.e., P1,P2, etc.

There is a marker on the connector body side called a "white point" that specifies the insert side of the connector.

Generally, an optical link needs two optical fibers to complete the whole transmission process.

The polarity is the interconnection matching between the sending end (Tx) and receiving end (Rx) at both ends of the optical link.
In common wiring systems, connectors such as LC/SC are usually used and can be easily matched, so there is no polarity problem.
However, for the pre-connected, high-density wiring system, such as MPO connection system, the polarity problem must be paid great attention to.

MPO Patch Cord