Proper practice for cleaning optical fiber end faces


With the advent of 5G era, data transmission requires more and more fiber, so it is particularly important to reduce fiber loss.

There are many reasons that affect optical fiber loss, 90% of which is caused by the unclean interface and end face of optical fiber.

Today, I will talk about how to clean the end face of optical fiber.

First of all, I would like to talk about a misunderstanding in the daily fiber cleaning. Many friends clean fiber with medical alcohol. In fact, there will be a large number of water stains left on the fiber after being cleaned with medical alcohol, so the cleaning effect is not good, and may even cause secondary pollution to the fiber.

More professional friends know that medical alcohol has water stains and use anhydrous ethanol.

Anhydrous ethanol, also known as anhydrous alcohol, is 99.5 percent pure and is much better at cleaning optical fibers than medical alcohol.

However, anhydrous ethanol is very easy to absorb moisture in the air, and its purity will gradually decrease during storage, which will inevitably leave water stains after cleaning the optical fiber. In addition, due to its inflammable and explosive characteristics, anhydrous ethanol has a high risk of storage.

At present, in the field of optical fiber cleaning, the most professional means is the use of optical fiber cleaning pen, optical fiber cleaning pen shape is like a pen, it does not need alcohol to wipe, one click can remove optical fiber end face dust, oil, etc., very convenient to use.

At present, optical fiber cleaning pen has been widely used in the field of optical fiber cleaning. Because of its convenient use and good cleaning effect, it is very popular among users.

Here, we recommend Wirenet's optical fiber cleaning pen, whose cleaning effect is the best among several brands used at present, and whose professional degree is also guaranteed.

Interested friends can cooperate with optical fiber magnifying glass to see the cleaning effect, or very shocking.